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Cooperative Education is designed to provide an opportunity to achieve high school credits while working in the community. Cooperative education is typically scheduled as a 2 credit (half day) or a 4 credit (full day) course. The Cooperative Education teacher and student work together to find a suitable placement that matches the interests, strengths and wants of the student. Co-op encourages students to discover possible career paths they may pursue after high school graduation. Co-op can also launch students into the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) allowing them to begin an apprenticeship while in high school.



Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) are bundles of 8-10 courses that allow Grade 11 and 12 students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while getting their high school diploma.  SHSMs provide students with an opportunity to focus their learning and gain valuable experience for all post-secondary opportunities.

The SHSM program has a number of required components, designed to give students a "leg-up" to pursue post-secondary opportunities in a variety of employment sectors.  Students will also earn industry recognized certifications, which builds confidence in their skills and links their studies with the world beyond high school and future careers.


SCDSB SHSM Information



 Nantyr Construction SHSM


Nantyr Shores Secondary School’s Construction SHSM is offered at the workplace, apprenticeship, college and university levels. Students develop knowledge, skills, and experience in a variety of construction related trades including: electrical, plumbing, framing, design, green energy, finishing, etc. The core courses of this major include Grade 11 and 12 Construction, Woodworking, and Design Tech courses. Our Construction SHSM has strong working relationships with a number of local construction related businesses/organizations.  The Nantyr Construction SHSM also partners with the Barrie Construction Association to offer opportunities to tour large construction projects in our area. A multi-credit (4 or more credits) Co-operative Education experience is an integral part of this major in an area of interest to you. 

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Nantyr Environment SHSM 


The Environment SHSM program (Enviro) at Nantyr emphasizes outdoor, community and environmental leadership. The SHSM spans students’ grade 11 and 12 years with the emphasis taking place during an immersive Semester 2 of one of these grades. During this semester of the 2-year program, a very unique and experiential learning environment is featured. Multiple field trips and opportunities to obtain industry recognized certifications like Wilderness First Aid, ORCKA Canoe Tripping, Leave No Trace, and the Lakehead Ontario Youth Naturalist certification are key components of this 'once in a lifetime' learning experience. Most of the requirements of the Environment SHSM are attainable through the immersive semester of Enviro. Graduates of this SHSM are recognized for their leadership skills within and beyond the traditional environment sector. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and work with the lead teachers, Guidance and/or Co-op teachers to fit the other components of the major prior to graduation. 

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Nantyr Health and Wellness SHSM

This program will focus on community wellness with educational pathways in workplace, apprenticeship, college and university level post-secondary opportunities.  Through this program, students will further enhance their skills in health and wellness leadership, gain certifications, plan a career pathway and participate in real-life experiential learning opportunities within the community.  In the past, many of our graduated co-op and physical education leadership students have been hired in roles with the Innisfil YMCA, Town of Innisfil Parks & Rec, and Innisfil Fire. Students will continue to develop and refine skills in fitness planning, mental health education, concussion awareness, First Aid and CPR training, athletic taping and implementing health and wellness programs across a wide range of demographics. The core courses of this major focus on Kinesiology and other science and physical education related courses. 

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Nantyr Hospitality and Tourism SHSM


Nantyr Shores offers a vibrant SHSM program in Hospitality and Tourism! This program puts an emphasis on working in the food service industry through our Hospitality courses in grades 11 and 12. Students will learn how to prepare, present, and serve food using a variety of tools and equipment. Students will develop an awareness of health and safety practices, environmental and societal issues, and career opportunities in the food and beverage services sector. Students will have the opportunity to participate in many cooking and baking projects that involve the school and community. Our Hospitality and Tourism SHSM lays the foundation for students to graduate from high school with specialized skills, knowledge and certifications relevant to the Hospitality industry.

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Co-op Staff

The co-op staff's workroom is in room 234.  Students are always welcome to come see us with questions!

Parents and employers are encouraged to call or email us.


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