The Guidance Department is a comfortable and welcoming environment for ALL students and families— it is a place where one can obtain information and support. We are committed to serving our school community in a positive and supportive manner and strive to foster an open, diverse, and inclusive environment. We encourage students to reach and/or visit us in a variety of ways:

  • Support students in academic planning and course selection
  • Help students seek out special pathways programs in secondary school that support their learning styles, interests and needs
  • Help individual students to envision a plan for post-secondary and target some short- and long-term goals
  • Provide information about all post-secondary and career pathways
  • Support students in establishing effective study habits and exam preparation
  • Coach in career/life planning, including college and university scholarship application process
  • Support students with life skills like decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, stress and time management and relationship awareness
  • Provide personal support and referrals to community resources. We have the following support workers available to students:
  • School Social Worker - Kanesha Guerrero
  •   Graduation Coach for Indigenous Students - Shyanne Woodcock ([email protected])
  •   Graduation Coach for Black Students - Roxann Whittingham ([email protected])
  •   Graduation Coach for 2SLGBTQ+ Students - Don Latondress ([email protected])
  • New path Mental Health Counsellor - Beth Mulvale
  •   Indigenous Education Social Worker - Billie Jean McBride
  • DEL / MLL Coach - Jenny Millar

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Extension Email
Ms. Kalbfleisch A - F Ext 40288 [email protected]
Ms. Weymark G - N Ext 40291 [email protected]
Ms. Shaw O - Z Ext 40289 [email protected]

Guidance Assistant Extension Email
DeeDee Partridge Ext 40290 [email protected]

Student Success Extension Email
Shaughna Ainsworth - Semester 1 Ext 40374 [email protected]
Matt Rietkoetter - Semester 2 Ext 40374 [email protected]
Roxann Whittinghanm (Graduation Coach) In-School Wed., Thurs., and Fri. Ext 40257 [email protected]


School Social Worker Extension Email

Kanesha Guerrero

Individual Mental Health Counselling - voluntary, confidential

How to make an appointment: Guidance/ Student Success Teacher/ SERT Request OR a referral directly from the SSW

Ext 40287 [email protected]


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