Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) at Nantyr Shores



Extension/Voicemail & Email

Jennifer Brownlee

Department Leader

ext. 40297
[email protected]

Heather Birch

Life Skills teacher and SERT

voicemail 56121
[email protected]

Chris DeConto

Math teacher and SERT

voicemail 56139
[email protected]

Meagan Dolbear

Science teacher and SERT

voicemail 57748
[email protected]

Jennifer Patterson

Math Teacher and SERT

voicemail 56186
[email protected]

Blair Klinck

Learning Centre teacher and SERT

voicemail 56159
[email protected]

Lindsay Ablett

Life Skills Teacher

voicemail 55488
[email protected]

Ben Will

Math Teacher and SERT

[email protected]

Jane Boake

COPE Teacher

ext. 40361
[email protected]

Educational Assistants at Nantyr Shores

  • Bruce Askey
  • Samantha Chisholm
  • Elaine Craig
  • Shelley Lapierre
  • Vicky Murphy
  • AJ Peterson
  • Siegrun Russell
  • Krysten Chislett

NSS Resource Room

Nantyr's Resource Room is a drop in centre for students. The Resource Room is used for: quiet space (i.e.: test writing), getting extra assistance with a lesson, one-on-one support with work completion, using a computer, calming space, etc..

NSS Resource Room NSS Resource Room

NSS Learning Centre

Nantyr's Learning Centre is designed for students requiring extra literacy and numeracy support. Students in this program are working well below grade level (typically anywhere between grades 3 -6). Learning Centre students participate in elective courses in the afternoon such as phys-ed, art, technology and drama.

NSS Learning Centre

NSS Learning Centre NSS Learning Centre

NSS Life Skills

Students in Nantyr's Life Skills program regularly participate in a variety of functional life skills in order to maximize their participation in the community as young adults. Functional life skills include vocational training and literacy and numeracy skills.

NSS Life Skills NSS Life Skills NSS Life Skills

NSS Life Skills NSS Life Skills NSS Life Skills


COPE is an organization that offers canines a Canine's in the Classroom course. This course trains dogs that will become service dogs for people with physical disabilities. Students focus on essential literacy and workplace skills while training the dogs. In addition, this course hopes to help students gain self-confidence and learn the importance of helping others in the community.

Jane Boake

COPE teacher

ext. 40361

[email protected]

COPE trains dogs COPE trains dogs COPE trains dogs

COPE trains dogs COPE trains dogs